Analysing Telnet Network Traffic

MachinesWindows 10

In this exercise you will use Wireshark to analyse network traffic. 

Wireshark is already installed and you may start it by opening the Desktop folder called Exercises and then Wireshark. Double click Wireshark to open it. 

Once Wireshark starts go to File -> Open and select the file called telnet-raw from the folder Exercises -> Wireshark.

Once the file opens locate the Source and Destination IPv4 addresses. These shoud be and respectively. 

Determine the Source Port and Destination Port. These should be 1254 and 23 respectively.

Select packet number 4 and then right click on it. Go to Follow and then click on TCP Stream. 

On the new window that opens you will observe the username and password the user used to login to the telnet server. This username is “fake” and the password is “user”.

Guided Exercise Video

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